Fé Vargas

Anyone who thought Cuba was a “no man’s land” when it comes to house music has some catching up to do. The living proof is a young woman named Fé Vargas, an up-and-coming producer and DJ from the heart of the land of the miracles.

Now living in Vienna, Fé is a one-of-a-kind. She’s Cuba’s first ambassador of Cuban house music, the first female Cuban DJ who wants to spread the word to put Cuba on the landmark of the international house music circuit.

House music still isn’t a big thing in Cuba though, but that doesn’t stop Fé from reinventing the sound of her homeland and mixing it with modern house vibes.

“I always wanted to cherish Cuba’s musical heritage, but in a unique way. Combining the sound of the island with the groove and energy of house music is my way of showing appreciation to the music I grew up with. I just love the percussive grooves in Cuban and especially Afro-Cuban music, and mashing them up with house music is what I love to produce. I think that’s why the album sounds different from other albums in house music, it all arose under the sun of La Habana!”

And that’s something you can’t miss when listening to her music. Fé’s tunes are packed with percussions, Cuban drums, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Spanish lyrics and – of course – the Cuban sun.

“Music is always better to be enjoyed in a group of people – the more the merrier! I love playing my own interpretation of house music to other people, make them dance and have a good time. And as you know, Cuba loves to dance. There’s no stopping us once we started! Ha!”

Her debut album “Marianao” was recently released on Tocadisco’s very own imprint “Toca 45”

We are delighted to welcome Fé Vargas to The Unity Agency and for worldwide booking enquiries please contact paul@theunityagency.co.uk

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