LA based  Luxxury, aka Baron von Luxxury has been making waves in the disco community over the past two years with his controversial LUXXURY edits. This series of dubby, slow disco remixes highlights buried gold in the original multi-tracks of classic songs, making the familiar more exciting by unearthing unexpected treasure – or simply making old classics sound new and fresh.

Luxxury makes dance music for adults. Raw, funky bass-lines plucked with grown-man finesse. A mastery of keyboard and synth native only to those who lived through the late ’70s/early ’80s. Dust in the glitter that vibrates in the space between string stabs, bongo slaps, and guitar jabs—even while the steady pulse and astral effects feel beamed in from a more cybernetic future Los Angeles. That’s where the nu-disco wizard born Blake Robin dwells, of course. That is, when he isn’t on the road opening for Giorgio Moroder or the Juan MacLean; leading his dapper band on late-night TV; remixing live at DJ sets in Mexico City, New York and Berlin; or seeding his Dublab radio show/Spotify playlist Good Morning, Disco! with gems that span four decades of groove-first music. In fact, you might’ve first felt his deft touch via the controversial Luxxury Edits—where he uses the multi-tracks (stems) of classic hits to create dubby slow-disco versions—but his original music is no less arresting. After two LPs of way-finding, Luxxury has come into his own with a sound that reflects not only a newfound earnestness of expression but a lifelong love for the craft of disco.

When our hero returned to his own songs in 2016, with L.A. dance guru Goldroom serving as ad hoc executive producer, and a singles series released across various contemporary indie dance imprints, Luxxury took off like never before. The hypnotic “Breathe (Again)” blew past 2 million streams on Spotify. Last Call with Carson Daly audiences were treated to luxe live renditions of “Take It Slow” and “Hold On.” SPIN praised the music’s sensuality. Complex said it sounded like Nile Rodgers DJing a rave. The titles of these tracks, collected on the How to Be Good EP, were meant as mantras for Luxxury, to help him focus on creating his best material. Clearly, it worked.

We were hooked on Luxxury as soon as we heard him and are delighted to announce he is coming to Europe this Summer. Dates from late June through to the end of July.

Luxxury DJ sets are pretty different, live remixing classics, adding occasional vocals and creating something exclusive with the familiar. Ideal for festivals and clubs alike.

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